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Digital Analytics & Business Insights

Organizations are surrounded by data. The trick is to make sense of it all and transform that data into insights that drive business improvement. When the right things are tracked and analyzed, the daunting becomes possible.

Our Approach to Digital Analytics

We work in tandem with you to develop sets of potential outcomes from users interacting with your digital footprint. This includes all of the touch points across your social media properties, digital advertising, and website. These user outcomes are transformed into tracking elements for the most important user interactions with your brand.

Our analytics implementations go above and beyond standard, without collecting unnecessary data that leads to muddled reports or privacy concerns. The result is meaningful and human readable analytics reports, and insights drawn from data that create measurable improvement in your user experience, leads generated, and other business outcomes.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Getting found online is a process that involves showing up, making a promise to your users, and then delivering on that promise. That’s why we focus on more than simple SEO keyword rankings. Yes, of course appearing as high in the search engine results page (SERP) is important, but it’s not the only thing that counts.

Appearing in Search Results for the Right Reasons

More traffic isn’t always better. That’s a radical thing for a marketing agency to say, but it’s true. Business owners are often targeted with messages saying they’ll get “on the first page of Google!” but it’s more important to improve your rankings for the most accurate keyword phrases.

And these phrases aren’t always the ones with the highest monthly impressions or potential for maximum website traffic. Instead, our approach is to deeply hone in on user intent in search rankings, keeping in mind your company’s services, location, and your ideal types of customers.

Once your website appears in search results for ideal keywords, the next step is to deliver to the user. Like we said above, good SEO makes a promise, and then delivers on that promise. Ranking in the SERP and then delivering poor quality content fails that test. Our content marketing and CRO services are designed to help you take SEO and turn it into brand loyal, qualified leads.

Content Marketing

There are many things that make search engine optimization work in 2021, but content should still be #1 on your list. Without content, you’re missing the engine that makes online marketing happen. And great content is more than just text. It includes strong imagery and visuals, engaging video, and interactive experiences. Combined with SEO and digital advertising, content marketing helps attract the right website users, then draw them in and help them get to know your brand.

Content Marketing is Online Relationship Building

New prospects don’t know your organization, and you have precious little time to grab their attention and tell them who you are. Your content should do that job for you by conveying your brand’s attitude quickly and providing real value to visitors. Once you’ve made yourself valuable, you are on your way to building a genuine relationship.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Once your paid or organic campaigns have brought in a website visitor, how do you get them to convert to a marketing lead? Our conversion optimization services encompass all the aspects that improve the chances of a user filling out a form or taking action to contact you.

Conversion Optimization Includes Self-Qualification

Poor quality leads can be worse than no leads at all, because they use up internal resources’ time and attention. An important component of CRO is helping users qualify themselves as leads, in our out. This often overlooked piece focuses on content presented to the user to assist them in making clear decisions about your company, products, and services.

Digital Advertising

Paid digital ads can be a powerful tool for message awareness and lead generation either alone or in conjunction with search engine optimization. We assist you in drafting a winning strategy, selecting the best platforms, creating ads, and analyzing the results.

Matching Digital Advertising Tactics to Platform User Behavior

A key consideration for digital campaigns is setting up appropriate messaging, intended conversion actions, and messaging for multiple ad platforms. Because user interface capabilities and behaviors differ significantly across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, and other platforms, ads must also adapt.

Once digital ads users have come to your website, our enhanced website user tracking capabilities identify far more opportunities for optimization and creation of retargeting/remarketing lists.

Website Development

Modern websites are an imperative for organizations of all types and sizes. User expectations are high for online properties and delivering a poor experience or limited functionality is not an option. Whether you need to dynamically provide thousands of pages of information to your visitors, or offer a fast and simple online application experience, we can help you.

Graphic Design & Branding

Your brand is everything. It needs to be continually nurtured so it can grow and thrive… and stay that way. Aside from word of mouth, interest in a product or service is generated by how it is presented. Quality and reliability is often associated with appearance. How many times have you picked out a craft beer just because of the surprisingly vibrant and modern label? How many times have you bought a box of diapers because of its die cut and spot varnish embellishments (and you don’t even have a baby?) That’s right. Here’s where the visual side of things comes into play and is so important.

Save Your Brand from Disappearing

Dramatic narration voice: In a world teeming with overwhelming amounts of eye candy and digital distortion, the weakened attention span of your clients and customers have been pulled into a vortex… in danger of being lost forever.

Here’s where we come in. Re:Solution can take inventory of your needs and wants, and then repackage those “shoulds and coulds” into a beacon that not only captures immediate attention but also guides your audience into shore. No matter if it’s a need for a logo refresh, a complete visual overhaul for your brand, or laying out a catalog to showcase your latest line of products, our brand team is at your service. Helping make a meaningful connection with your audience is what we are all about.

Digital Advertising

Paid digital ads can be a powerful tool for message awareness and lead generation either alone or in conjunction with search engine optimization. We assist you in drafting a winning strategy, selecting the best platforms, creating ads, and analyzing the results.